The Bottom Line

  • We save Small Business Owners between $10-$50k (or more) every year in taxes by using innovative tax planning strategies and structures.

  • These tax savings can be realized without increasing revenue, without reducing expenses, and without cutting back on your lifestyle.

  • There is nothing questionable or that will raise any red flags with any strategy we offer. These are all totally legal, little-known loopholes that are referenced in the IRS tax code.

  • We are experts at knowing and understanding the IRS Tax Code, you can leverage our expertise to increase your profits.

  • We will design your business to minimize your taxes, maximize your profits, and free up your time, so you can focus on making a lot more money.

  • We are highly-experienced CPA’s and Enrolled Agents (EA), licensed by the Department of the Treasury (IRS) as federal tax practitioners.

  • Enrolled Agents have the same representation rights in front of the IRS as CPA's and Attorney's, but are focused solely on federal taxation. EA’s are known as "America's Tax Experts.”

  • We also handle bookkeeping, payroll, state and federal tax payments, and tax return preparation. Let us take care of the boring compliance work, and you can spend that time growing your business, or spending more time with your family.

  • We look forward to working with you and increasing your net income!

  • To get started, click here to book a Free Strategy Session. We will spend 45 minutes going over your individual situation to determine how we can make you more money this year and drastically cut your taxes.

Small Business Owners that work with a tax expert have a MUCH greater chance of success.

If your business isn't built on a solid financial foundation, you will NEVER achieve a high level of success. You will make mistakes along the way that will kill your profitability, like giving way too much money to the IRS, or not claiming every deduction you are entitled to.

There are specific ways to setup and operate your business that will literally save you thousands in annual taxes. Using our background as a federal tax experts, we know how to setup your business in the most ideal way.  Our innovative (and totally legal) tax strategies normally save Small Business Owners between $10-$50k every year going forward. 

In addition to tax planning, we also offer monthly bookkeeping and payroll, automated tax payments to the IRS, and annual tax return preparation.

Everything we do is designed to take the stress off of you and give you more income and more freedom. Let us worry about the headaches and the IRS and you can work on the high-income activities.

What We Offer


TAX expertise

We are tax planning experts that will help you minimize your tax burden and maximize your profits. We are usually able to save Small Business Owners at least $10,000 annually in taxes by using innovative tax strategies and structures. 

All of our tax planning experts are highly-experienced CPA’s or Enrolled Agents, which are federally licensed tax practitioners.  We understand how to take advantage of loopholes in the IRS tax code to save you a ton of money in taxes.



Bookkeeping & payroll

Bookkeeping is the financial foundation of your business. It’s imperative that it’s thoughtfully and accurately completed. If your books are in bad shape, it can potentially lead to serious trouble later.

When you hire us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your income and expenses are organized, reporting deadlines are met, your books are accurate, taxes have been paid, and if the IRS comes calling, you will be in great shape. Once tax time comes, your annual return will be a breeze.


qBO adv certified

  We are Certified Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisors who work exclusively with Quickbooks Online. Only 2% of Quickbooks providers have this advanced certification; it is the highest certification offered.

This nimble software, along with the many specialized apps that compliment it, is perfect for your small business. This cloud-based software allows us to seamlessly access your business records from anywhere in the world, day or night, without interrupting your busy schedule.